Our Story

Den4Dogs was founded in Norway by Morten Wang in 2003 with the goal of providing safe zones for dogs and people outside of stores. He wanted to combine errands and shopping with more time together with his beloved dog, but he was concerned for her safety, when leaving her tied up outside stores, possibly being fed or pet by strangers, stolen, or on her own outside in poor weather. He had also experienced his daughter almost being bitten by a fearful dog tied up outside a store, and Morten realized that Den4Dogs could keep both people and dogs safe. The management and team has since grown and Den4Dogs are now in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and expanding to more countries in 2019 and 2020.

Safe and happy communities for dogs and people. Dogs are the happiest when they can go on errands together with you, but there are many places where your dog necessarily needs to wait outside for a limited amount of time, and many dog guardians and owners worry about the dog while shopping – for good reasons. Den4Dogs is the provider of the original solution that lets you maximize safe time with your dog while running errands and shopping.