See a demo from Norway - where it all began


Use the Den4Dogs App to see locations and availabilities. Position yourself in front of an available Den to open the door with the App.


Slide the lock-button to the right to unlock the door. Guide your dog inside, close the door, and wait for the lock to activate.

Check display

See that the display above the door reads ‘Occupied’, and a red light turns on.

Check app

See that the App shows your dog in the Den.

Pick up

When you return, slide the lock-button to the right to unlock the door.


While most dogs are comfortable in a Den, some dogs need your initial help to acclimate. Hold the door open and use a treat to guide your dog into the Den. Then, using another treat guide your dog out of the Den. Repeat as necessary to show that good things happen inside and outside the Den. For the first few visits, use the Den for short periods until your dog is comfortable. We recommend a maximum one hour visit for trained dogs, depending on the dog and how it responds to the Den. Also, consider your dog’s ability to adapt to the inside temperature of the Den during cold and warm weather. Use common sense and make sure your dog is comfortable.