Our dog houses can be controlled from your phone
Donna - Working cocker spaniel - 8 months
Our dog houses can be controlled from your phone
Troll - Finnish lapphund- 4 years

Unlock with your phone and our new advanced technology

The Den4Dogs App can be used to locate our dens, unlock and lock them, check for availability and much more. When you register, you get 3 free visits so you can try it out.

The app is currently ready for iPhone and can be downloaded from App Store. Android will be ready within a couple of weeks in Google Play.

Dens in the following locations are currently ready for use by App: IKEA Furuset, Rema Vækerøveien, Rema Oppsal, Rema Røakrysset, Rema Arnebråtveien, Vitus Apotek Sinsen, Rema Skeidbanen, Rema Torshov, Skedsmo Center, and Amfi Os. More of our locations will be upgraded for App-use in the weeks to come, and will in meantime be available by keycard.

We use Google to manage your login, so the App requires that you have or want to register an account with Google. This is for security reasons, since we do not store usernames / passwords in our systems. (Facebook will be added as another login uption in an upcoming version.)

We’re very happy for all comments on our App after you’ve tried it. This is the first version of the App, and it can probably get even better with feedback from you.

We hope our App and service will be a good contribution for making everyday life a little easier and better for dog ​​owners.

Download the App and register user
Locate a den nearby
Choose an available den
Unlock and open the door