Keeping dogs and people safe since 2005.

Do you worry about leaving your dog outside stores while shopping? Many things can happen to unattended dogs:

  • Strangers can feed dogs unsafe food.

  • A passerby can steal a dog.

  • Well-meaning people can misread dogs and suffer dogs bites.

  • Dog fights can break out.

  • Bad weather is no fun for dogs.
Dogs like to spend time with their people, but there are places where dogs need to wait outside unless they are service dogs. Den4Dogs provides the original solution that lets people maximize safe time with their dogs while running errands and shopping.



Download Den4Dogs App in Apple App or Google Play stores. Local stores hold keycards to unlock Dens in emergencies, such as a phone out of battery.


As an alternative to the App, you can purchase keycards in different denominations. Available in the webshop or at participating locations.


Temperature-regulated fan starts at 68° F and floor heating at 41° F. Display above the door shows Den temperature.


Between visits, UVC-light removes up to 99.99% of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, and Dens are regularly washed.


Price is found in App and varies by location. First 10 minutes are a flat rate, after which a minute rate applies. App requires and charges your credit card.


We recommend not using a Den for more than 1 hr per visit. Dens are best suited for dogs accustomed to crates, dens, or spending time alone. Decide for yourself if Den4Dogs is suitable for your dog.